Mind Fitness™

Highly effective’Mind’s Detox’ program that can be done anywhere, anytime.

What is the Mind Fitness™ and CognitiveOS Hypnosis®?

Mind Fitness™ is a highly effective and fast mind’s clearing process, which helps clear and optimize their minds removing their unnecessary emotional constraints. This is obtained by establishing the natural self-reliance, resetting obsolete emotional imbalances, and improving the management of thoughts and feelings. The process consequently clears the associated mental struggles and byproducts, ei. anxiety, fear, poor confidence, overwhelmed, depression, alcohol and drugs abuse, procrastination, etc. and most importantly frees misused brainpower, which can be reinvested into confidence, high performance and happiness. The enriched mind’s environment enabled by the method, allows to gain the full advantage from previous therapeutic and meditational work and from the future efforts invested in personal development.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis® is the proprietary mind’s language used by Mind Fitness™, conveyed with a blend of clinical hypnosis and ancient mind/spirit detoxing and healing techniques. This highly effective communication protocol was developed with over 25 years of clinical researches and tested with more than 3,000 clients.

What is Mind Fitness™ Virtual Realty?

The Mind Fitness™ VR is the culmination of years of work and vision. Technical advancements in cellular phone processing and virtual reality created the perfect delivery mechanism for the Mind Fitness™ to the world. With these advancements the full detox and healing potential of the Mind Fitness™ can now be delivered to millions of people throughout the world at a cost and location that most everyone can afford. The Mind Fitness™ VR program as a standalone solution is an outstanding tool, but becomes enormously powerful when combined with other therapeutic approaches. After the course of 20 VR therapeutic sessions, 60% of our clients have experience permanent life-changing results, 30% substantial results, 10% noticeable results.

How do I get the method?

With the Mind Fitness Mobile App for iPhone and Android .
For iPhone go to App Store
– Search “Mind Fitness VR” in The App Store
– Click “Get it”
– Wait for the app to download and install then Click Open App

For Android go to Google Play Store
-Search “Mind Fitness” in Google Play
-Click Install
– Wait for the app to download and install then Click Open

To unlock the 20 therapeutic session you can order the Mind Fitness™ program – click here

How can I experience Virtual Reality on my phone ?

With a mobile VR Goggles. Several models are available on Amazon. Here are some that have worked well for other customers: Pasonomi® VR $23.99 or DAWAY 360VR $39.99 – includes headphones

What is it about?

Instinctive reactions of our survival system, learned behaviors born out of insecurity and emotional dependency are the primary cause of psychological issues that millions face today. The ability to neutralize these instinctive reactions and learned behaviors will allow us to quickly overcome psychological barriers that deny us becoming the people we strive to be.

How it works?

Clinical Hypnosis, deep meditation and ancient mind/spirit healing techniques are used to guide the mind through each step of the program. Done through 20 guided meditation sessions in a virtual reality environment, delivered on-demand to your desktop or mobile device. All you’ll need to do is set aside around 10 to 45 minutes per session where you detach from the day-to-day activities and open your mind for our training sessions. Just sit, relax, and enjoy! We do all the work, all within the VR environment.

What is the GeniusScore?

GeniusScoreAs part of the Mind-Fitness & Detox program, GeniusScore provides clients with the ability to focus their mind toward concrete results, represented by the level of success obtained throughout the course of the program. It is calculated with a secret algorithm that includes the daily intensity of the experience symptoms, the number and frequency of the completed sessions and other pre-determined factors

What is the purpose of the Mind Fitness™ Virtual Reality – Mind Training Program?

Releasing and correcting behaviors
• Fear of Judgment
• Fear of Rejection
• Fear of Abandonment
• Need for external leadership and validation
• Over-giving to being a ‘pleaser’
• Feelings of self-doubt
• Feelings of inadequacy
• Social anxiety
• Chronic insecurity
• Lacking an identity
• Feelings of being a fraud and a failure
• Feelings of being a child in a world of adults
• Neediness and self-focus
• Dependency in relationships
• Resentment for the lack of external leadership and support

Enhancing new behaviors to
• Establish an efficient spirit-mind alignment
• Access unconditional happiness.
• Manage successfully thoughts, feelings and emotions.
• Become emotionally self-sufficient and independent.
• Enhance strengths and confidence
• Establish leadership in the professional and personal life.
• Clear the real cause of addictions
• Take control over the life’s events.
• Excel creative, academic, artistic and athletic performances.
• Spark attraction
• Experience fulfilling, happy and balanced relationships.
• Clear procrastination, getting things done
• Achieve life-long goals.
• Free the natural powers
• Gain success in every aspects of life.

What is Adult Emotional Independence?

Tech Talk – Reaching Pick Mind Performance @ Google Venice -CA11/8/2016

Mind Fitness™ allows you to claim your natural emotional independence. With 20-guided Virtual Reality meditations, you will: clear anxieties and fears, learn self-reliance, release emotional dependencies, improve performances and allow happiness. Mind Fitness™ provides the knowledge of how to “Lead Your Mind” and the tools to implement it.

Problem: Dependency Causes Suffering.
Our human nature is to become self-reliant and emotionally independent in adulthood. Emotionally independent individuals are able to interact freely and comfortably with partners, families, friends and community – from a place of equality and personal empowerment. This allows us to be socially inter-dependent, the ability to interact and share our lives with people by free choice – not constrained by fear and need.

Emotional dependency in adulthood builds complex and painful layers of anxiety and fear and typically results in several debilitating emotions/feelings. These include, fear of rejection, judgment and abandonment, social and performance anxiety, confidence and relationship issues, neediness, numbness, insecurity, narcissism, arrogance, sadness, loneliness, procrastination, addictions, and in severe cases, depression. Dependency also overwhelms our brainpower, thereby reducing our overall performance capabilities.

Cause: Missing Parental Models is the cause of dependency.
We are born with the tools needed to become emotionally mature and self-reliant as we move from childhood into young adulthood. During our childhood these tools remain undeveloped and/or dormant, causing us to be dependent on our parents or guardians. As we approach puberty our natural need for self-leadership and emotional independence begin to awaken with the purpose of converting our relationships from dependent to independent. The level of success we achieve in our transition to emotional independence is determined by the life-models we learned from our parents.

Though this is Nature’s plan, it frequently fails because our parents and/or guardians have not achieved emotional independence themselves, so they cannot model and teach these essential life skills to their children. Without good parental models of self-leadership and self-reliance we become either unaware or unable to make the shift from dependency to self-reliance. This missing developmental stage keeps us unable to self-satisfy our emotional needs throughout our life, thus emotionally dependent from the world around us. This highly vulnerable state causes a variety of consequences and unhealthy behaviors related to emotional dependency. In severe cases can cause feelings of isolation, leading to self-medication through alcohol, drugs, or to other unhealthy behaviors including depression, violence or suicide.

Solution: Presenting and implementing A Model of Self-Leadership
Mind Fitness™ helps you to conquer emotional dependence, releasing all unwanted layers of anxiety and fear. By clearing your mind and making inefficient behaviors built around dependency obsolete, your mind will redirect your brainpower towards creating efficient behaviors, performance, self-confidence, efficiency, clarity, and happiness.

The 20-guided meditations that comprise the 1st stage of the Mind Fitness™ program provide an emotional framework that mimics the parental models needed to provide the confidence of self-leadership. Once the framework is in-place and the capacity for self-reliance is engaged,Mind Fitness™ guides your mind to clear away unwanted layers of anxiety and fears. Within a couple of weeks of completing the program daily feelings of isolation created by dependency are transformed into the ability to relate comfortably and inter-dependently, through the prism of choice and not need, with others.

The effect is staggering – the isolation created by dependency is transformed to enjoyable inter-dependent relationships with others – where you finally see and enjoy the world around you without anxiety or fears, acting by choice instead of need. Obsolete behaviors built around dependency thus disappear – allowing the mind to redirect the reclaimed brainpower and use it to achieve higher levels of performance, efficiency and happiness in every area of your life.

Let’s explore this further…

Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) is the” until-today unidentified”, most common psychological compulsive condition on earth; the root-cause of uncharted anxiety & fear, stress, lack of confidence, addictions, depression, poor performances and much more…

Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) defines the devastating mental condition caused by the continuation in adulthood of Emotional Dependency.

Emotional Dependency is part of the ‘cycle of life’ formed by three precious involuntary behavioral programs: in-love, parental love and emotional dependency. These are behaviors essential for life, hard-coded in humans and animals with the purpose of the continuation of the species. They are DNA inherited therefore not learned, and activated or deactivated only by specific conditions. This makes them ‘involuntary’, meaning that we can’t modify them or start/interrupt them voluntarily.

1. In-love: hardcoded in our mind to promote procreation. In the frame of specific conditions favorable to procreation, the behavioral program ‘in-love’ enters into action by binding two people emotionally. It uses emotional (not logical) tension implemented by attraction, pleasure, anxiety and fears to reinforce the bond between the parties, aiming to create a family and procreate. When initiated it can’t be interrupted until the conditions are changed.

2. Parental love: hardcoded in our mind to compel parents to fulfill their children’s mental, physical and emotional needs. It represents the most powerful emotional bond in human and animals species. It remains dormant until a child is conceived or born, but when initiated can’t be interrupted until the child becomes a self-reliant adult.

3. Emotional Dependency: hardcoded in our mind to protect and stimulate the development of a young life. This involuntary program uses powerful emotion to compel children to seek:
• Safety – seeking protection upon adults.
• Mental development – seeking leadership validation and guidance.
• Emotional and physical development – seeking adult’s love and care.
It starts at birth and is supposed to be terminating just before puberty, when the young adult is meant to enter the phase of emotional self-reliance.

Young adults terminate their Emotional Dependency using models of self-reliance learned from parents and caretakers. Unfortunately, most parents are either emotional absents or over-caring, and in most cases affected by Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) themselves; thus, they are unable to provide efficient self-reliance models.

Without proper self-reliant education the young adult doesn’t own the necessary awareness and tools required to reach emotional independence. Thus, this ensures Emotional Dependency stays active after puberty, transferring the compelling need for leadership, love, safety, validation and guidance from ‘adults’ to ‘others’, i.e. friends, partners, colleagues, social environment, and may carry on through the entire life. This is the condition defined as Adult Emotional Dependency (AED).
Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) in adulthood is the cause of the symptoms related to being emotionally dependent upon ‘others’; these include fears of rejection, abandonment, judgment, narcissism, emotional numbness, solitude, lack of confidence, lack of identity etc., and byproducts such as anxiety, addictions, depression, lack of focus, confusion, overwhelm and more. Because emotions use a large amount of brain resources, Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) massively misuses brainpower causing poor performances in every aspect of life, work, school and sport.

The devastating emotional effects caused by Adult Emotional Dependency can be compared to the negative emotional responses produced by ‘in-love’ or ‘parental love’ if strained. Think about the anxiety, fear and pain produced by “in-love” in case of separation or betrayal from the loved one; or the worries, anxiety and fears produced by “parental love” in the case of a difficult rapport with their children, or the unbearable emotional pain produced by the dead of a youngster.

Adult Emotional Dependency terminates only if emotional self-reliance is implemented. As soon the missing parental self-reliance models are acquired, AED ceases and the connected emotional consequences are cleared. The emotional freedom produced by the termination of AED provides the ability to transform the needs produced by dependency to the autonomy of choice offered by interdependency; it also frees all the brainpower misused by AED, which becomes available for high-performance, creativity and happiness.

Who is Luca Bosurgi?

Author, healer and inspirational speaker, Luca Bosurgi is the creator of Mind Fitness™ and the CEO of Mind Fitness Lab Corp. He is a board certified and licensed clinical hypnotherapist, a highly experienced life coach and a master spiritual counselor. Luca has had formal training and clinical experience in psychology, metaphysics, life coaching, spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy for over two decades. Luca was a venture capitalist for most of his professional life, managing his own investment funds. After two decades of dividing his life between his healing mission and the world of banking, Luca sold his business in the 2006 and moved to Los Angeles to establish his Mind Fitness™ School and his Santa Monica practice. During the last 10 years Luca greatly refined his method as well as his theories about the mind, obtaining a 95% success rate in the last four years. Now Mind Fitness™ is ready to be offered to thousands of people – integrated in a Virtual Reality platform. This is now the goal of the Mind Fitness Lab, Corp. – Luca’s new venture.

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