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It is a sales, marketing and distribution company specialized in the areas of mental and emotional wellness. We are focused on leveraging the tremendous accessibility, price and timing advantages gained by advancements in technology (e.g. consumer, biosensors, cloud, etc…), neurosciences, mind research (happiness, wellness, etc…) and digital based communities in ways that will advance the worlds emotional wellness and happiness.
Mind Fitness™ is a highly effective and fast mind’s clearing process, which helps clear and optimize their minds removing their unnecessary emotional constraints. This is obtained by establishing the natural self-reliance, resetting obsolete emotional imbalances, and improving the management of thoughts and feelings. The process consequently clears the associated mental struggles and byproducts, ei. anxiety, fear, poor confidence, overwhelmed, depression, alcohol and drugs abuse, procrastination, etc. and most importantly frees misused brainpower, which can be reinvested into confidence, high performance and happiness. As a standalone solution this is a powerful tool, but becomes enormously powerful when combined with other therapeutic approaches.
CognitiveOS Hypnosis® is the proprietary mind’s language used by Mind Fitness™, conveyed with a blend of clinical hypnosis and ancient mind/spirit detoxing and healing techniques. This highly effective communication protocol was developed with over 25 years of clinical researches and tested with more than 3,000 clients.
Mind Fitness™ VR is the culmination of years of work and vision. Technical advancements in cellular phone processing and virtual reality created the perfect delivery mechanism for the Mind Fitness™ program to the world. With these advancements the full healing potential of the Mind Fitness™ program can now be delivered to millions of people throughout the world at a cost and location that most everyone can afford.
Indeed! The optimization and the training of our behavioral responses is a process that never ends. Each use of the VR process will help you to revise, re-implement and refine your mind’s clarity and efficiency. Every time you reread a great inspirational book you discover deeper layers and you gain deeper knowledge. The same happens with our VR method; every time you repeat the entire process your mind acquires a deeper understanding and sharper tools.
It has proven not to be a problem at all. Classic meditation requires focus and discipline trained through many hours of practice. Some people succeed with great results but many are unable to make it work.
Mind Fitness™ VR instead is suitable to everyone and will take little effort from you. Just let yourself be guided by the sound and visuals of the Virtual Reality and you’ll find yourself in that magical and most relaxing place of deep meditation.
Consider the Mind Fitness™ a complementary and integral part of your usual practice. Being in a position of self-leadership will only enhance your experience with other mind healing or therapeutic approaches.
  • You are always in control and are never in danger of doing anything you don’t want to do.
  • You will be brought into the theta state – the state that a person enters for deep meditation (Buddhist monks) as well as for Clinical Hypnosis.

i) In Hypnosis the hypnotist uses commands and/or post hypnotic suggestion to get someone to act or feel differently than they would normally. At times this can be very funny, but it can also help to stop smoking or overeating. Regardless of the result there is a definite effect on the person during and after the hypnosis, both being temporary.
ii) Buddhist monks have developed powerful techniques, used in the theta-state, to train their mind to encourage peaceful and effective thinking. Now it is used in mindfulness and wellness work. These techniques are replicated by Mind Fitness™ to create the most effective environment for your mind to promote transformation or change.
We enter in the theta state every day, when we go to sleep and when we wake-up. This is one of the most natural and safest stages of our brain, Mind Fitness™ and other meditations techniques use this peaceful space during the time of the session.

The sessions are not meant to be entertainment or interactive, your role during the session is to empty your mind and dis-engage from your day to day life. The process is built to provide the mind with the environment and clarity needed to move into a place of self-leadership or self-reliance and for this to happen it is best if you just sit back and enjoy your experience.
The best results are obtained if you let your mind do the work. If your mind wonders on other matters, let it happen. If you feel that you are falling asleep, let it happen, you are just entering in a deeper state of theta. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience without overthinking. You can do this after.
The immersive environment that is created when putting on the VR goggles and the headset is essential for getting results. The VR goggles allow a person to remain in a theta state for more than 40 minutes without any outside distractions interrupting the process. It also engages two senses: vision and sound – this helps the mind to stay focused and acquire the message from our two main channels simultaneously – like in real life.
This refers to the results of all the people that have gone through the Mind Fitness™, both in one-on-one sessions and using the VR Goggles. Post session these people have been asked how the experience has affected their life and 95% or more reported one of the following as their answer: noticeable changes in day-to-day life, noticeable performance enhancing, life altering – Virtual Reality beta testing has confirmed these results.
  •  The therapeutic process has proven effective for most people, however we have seen the consistent results in the 20 – 60 age range.
  • Over 60 – the standard therapy works well for approximately half of the people, the others will likely have to go through the sessions 2-3 times in order to achieve the results.
  • Below 18-20 years old. The results entirely depend on the decision-making ability of the young-adult mind. Our therapy either works or doesn’t and taking it multiple times will usually not change the results.
This represents your Genius, the intelligent agent that manages all of your mind’s activity.
The GeniusScore represents the level of your emotional independence. It is calculated with a secret algorithm that includes the intensity of your symptoms, these are defined by your self assessment performed before each sessions, by the number and frequency of the completed sessions.
  • If a break during the session is needed, it is best to start over again from the beginning – part of the magic that makes the Bosurgi Method work is the process of entering and exiting from a deep meditation state as well as the balance between

i) The order of what is being said,
ii) The tone and tempo of what is being said,
iii) The repetition and
iv) The exact wording

  • These elements combined are providing clarity to the mind and the environment required for it to build new models and behaviors. We don’t inject or propose solutions in the mind, we offer to the mind the proper environment and clarity to set the solutions by its own choice and at its own pace.

i) The first 20 sessions   have been designed to support

The Bosurgi Method is the therapeutic process developed by Luca Bosurgi over the past 15 years and has been recentlyrebranded Mind Fitness®. Mind Fitness Lab is the marketing and distribution company that was awarded the exclusive license to bring this therapy to the world. The Mind Fitness Lab app will do much more than be a delivery mechanism for the Mind Fitness™ program, our next release of the App will begin integrating the following functionality:

a) Scheduling of meditations with reminders
b) Genius Tips that are synchronized to the topic of the sessions you have scheduled
c) More advanced uses of the Genius Score
d) Basically all the functionality you’d expect from a Mind Fitness application

There are a total of 20 sessions: 10 Core Sessions and 10 Interim Sessions. The Core sessions (the odd numbered sessions) are 30-45 minutes each and the Interim sessions are 10-15 minutes each.
  • Yes, this is just the start, the Mind Fitness™ program over the next several months will grow to consist of the following offering – released in the following order:

i) Daily Maintenance Sessions – remember these are not “meditations” like most are used to thinking. Mind Fitness™ is a therapeutic process. Our daily maintenance sessions will be broken into groups of 7 sessions, each group addressing a topic – topics are addressed to promote life balance, not deep dive into the topic to correct unwanted behaviors. These sessions are 10-15 minutes each and should be done 1-2 times a day.
ii) Deep Dive Sessions: These are the same as the maintenance sessions except 3-4 of the sessions are 30-45 minutes long and they are designed to create the deeper clarity that is needed to make changes are in areas where change is desired.
iii) Spring Cleaning and rebuilding of expectations. This will be a larger group of sessions designed to remove learned behaviors that are “left over” from when emotional dependencies were leading the mind.

No, though what is being said and seen may seem similar, to the mind the sessions are very different each with the purpose of creating clarity and a process to achieve the goal of self-leadership. The area of focus for each session is as follows:

i) Release anxiety and fears I
ii) Release anxiety and fears II
iii) Release dependency behaviors I
iv) Release dependency behaviors II
v) Release dependency behaviors III
vi) Build framework master behavior of independence I
vii) Build framework master behavior of independence II
viii) Release self-judgment, shame, guilt and regret (self-forgiveness)
ix) Release judgment, blame, resentment, anger and pain (forgiveness others)
x) Release anxiety and fears III

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