Virtual Reality Mind Fitness & Detox Program.

Mind Fitness & Detox - Virtual Reality Meditations

Mind Fitness & Detox – the mind workout.

The Mind Fitness & Detox is a groundbreaking mind cleansing and training program delivered in the form of Virtual Reality meditations, which helps revitalize the natural flow of the mind, clear confusion and implement more efficient behavioral models.

The program, developed over 25 years of clinical research and tested with over 4,000 clients, has demonstrated a rapid decrease of anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, procrastination, etc. and a consequential improvement of confidence, high performance and happiness – as well as physical health, beauty and stamina.

Done through 20 subliminal exercises in the form of Virtual Reality guided meditations. Delivered on-demand to your mobile device. All you’ll need to do, is set aside around 10 to 45 minutes per session where you detach from the day-to-day activities and open your mind for our detox sessions. After a few sessions, you will feel lighter, clearer and much more efficient. After the full program, you will be transformed, empowered, happy and beautiful. Despite it’s a simple, effortless and a short process, the results are remarkable.

You can order today , the Mind Fitness & Detox program –
20 Virtual Reality exercises – for only
$89.99 (MSRP $299)

Mind Fitness & Detox - Virtual Reality Meditations

Try without risk! We offer a 30 day full refund policy. No questions asked.

This price does NOT includes VR goggles, but several models are available on Amazon. Here are some that have worked well for other customers: Pasonomi® VR $23.99 or DAWAY 360VR $39.99 .
Minimum requirement iPhone 5+ & Android 4.4+
Download directions & introduction to the VR experience.

Bosurgi Method® & CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

The Mind Fitness & Detox program combines the Mind Fitness™ natural mind-healing and training program, with CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, a proprietary blend of clinical hypnosis and ancient mind-spirit healing techniques.

The peaceful mind’s environment attained by the Mind Fitness & Detox-Virtual Reality exercises discontinues the unnecessary releases of Cortisol, which is the powerful chemical used by the brain to implement anxiety, stress and fear. This frees the body from the intoxication and the muscular tensions produced by the chemical, promoting outstanding physical improvements in health, beauty and attractiveness.

Our Mind Fitness & Detox VR program is complementary and enhances most therapeutic modalities. The emotional freedom granted by the program greatly amplifies previous therapeutic and self-help work done, and offers optimal mind’s environment for present and future self-development goals.

“Dear Luca, I can’t thank you enough for your program. It is the only thing that helped me walk away from my mentally abusive relationship and take charge of my own life and happiness. Just one course fixed my codependency issues that I’ve had since childhood, and I finally feel that I can take care of myself in every way, especially emotionally. I have learned to love myself without needing any validation from anyone else and I have learned how to say no when my own happiness may be compromised. Your program is a miracle and a new start in my life. It’s the best thing I could have ever done for myself.” Loreta F. – Singer

“I not only would recommend this to everyone, I have recommended it to everyone.” ~ David Walton – Actor

Mind Fitness™ VR is NOT a Virtual Reality game, hypnotic placebo or meditation! It’s a highly effective VR mind cleansing and training program that can be done anywhere, anytime.

It uses cutting edge Virtual Reality – immersive technology merged with clinical hypnosis and ancient deep meditation techniques as a delivery for the Mind Fitness™ proprietary program.

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